What aspects can flocking materials be applied to

What aspects can flocking materials be applied to?

Flocking is a fabric made of various fabrics as the base fabric, nylon wool or viscose wool on the front of bai, and then steamed and washed with water.

Principle of flocking fabric:

The principle of flocking is to use the physical characteristics that charges repel each other with the same sex and attract each other with different sex, so that the fluff is negatively charged, and the object to be flocked is placed under zero potential or grounded condition. The fluff is attracted by the plant body with different potential, and it is accelerated to fly vertically to the surface of the object to be flocked. Because the quilt body is coated with adhesive, the fluff is vertically adhered to the quilt body.

Nylon flocking sampling swab consists of handle, connecting rod and sampling head. The long handle is convenient to hold and can be adjusted back and forth while holding, which is suitable for different groups of people. The soft and slender connecting rod can effectively protect the sampled tissue from injury. Sampling head is composed of nylon fluff and viscose, which is harmless to human body and microorganism, and can increase the collection and release of samples to the greatest extent. Nylon flocking swab, matching collection pipe and transportation pipe constitute the sample collection system!

flocked swabs

flocked swabs

Our nylon flocking sampling swab has these folllowing advantages,

1. Medico’s flocking sampling swab has no mutual absorbent core to disperse and collect samples.

2. Flocked cotton swabs can be collected quickly, so that the whole sample adheres to the surface of fluff and can be completely eluted.

3. Vertical nylon fiber is like a soft brush, which can improve the collection effect of cell samples.

4. The capillary action between fiber bundles promotes the strong hydraulic absorption of liquid samples, and samples kept close to the surface can be simply eluted.

5. Flocking cotton swabs is an ideal method to collect a large number of cells, which can not only elute quickly, but also release these cells into the transport medium immediately.

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