Disposable virus sampling tube product from Medico

Disposable virus sampling tube product uses:

1. used for sample collection, transportation and storage. Advantages of products: 2. The flocking swab virus has high discretion and ensures the accuracy of detection results. 3. The sample has good sealing property, ensuring the safety of product transportation and preservation. 4. Product instruction manual and product certificate.

Product details:

1. The product package includes primary-secondary virus sampling tube (including preservation solution), self-sealing bag, sampling swab and instruction manual. 2. Product specification: 100 sets/box, 8 boxes/box 3. Product weight: 0. 65kg/ box, 13. 2kg/ box 4. Packing size: 25. 5*23. 5*14. 5 boxes, 53*49*32/ box .

Scope of application: Returning to work detection, optimization of large-scale crowd screening.

Product features:

1. transport at normal temperature and stably preserve virus RNA 2. Pre-packaged guanidine salt lysis solution can inactivate SARS-CoV-2 and ensure the safety of transport and inspection personnel; 3. Large-capacity preservation solution can fully soak swab heads,The sample size can be divided into three parts, which can be used for detection and sample retention, to meet the detection requirements.

Product features:

1. the upgraded HANK’S solution was added with bovine serum albumin, which provided nutrition for the virus and preserved its vitality and virulence. 2. Antibiotics are added to the preservation solution, which improves the bacteriostatic effect of the sampling solution stored at normal temperature on bacteria and solves the pollution problem of bacteria and fungi after sampling. 3. Buffer salt for controlling PH value and phenol red as PH indicator 4. The antifreeze is added, which does not affect the normal use in low temperature environment, and is beneficial to the preservation of virus when the specimen is frozen.

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