DNA Saliva Collection Device Chinese Supplier

Medico Technology Co., Ltd concentrated on medical technology,which is one of the leaders in the field in Shenzhen.DNA saliva collection device is one of the tipical products of them.All gene detection and analysis starts from the collection of DNA samples, and is based on an integrated system of extracting, stabilizing and transporting DNA from saliva, thus ensuring the reliability of samples.

Product advantage

1.Improve the medical care level of sample collectors and strictly obey the “painless and noninvasive” collection standard.

2.Avoid increasing costs through blood sampling.

3.Apply to children or patients who are not suitable for blood sampling.

4.Improve sampling efficiency and reduce sample processing.

5.The sample is stable at room temperature, and the transportation and storage costs are reduced.

6.Samples can be sent by standard express delivery system.

7.Through application detection, the detection effect of DNA in saliva is equivalent to that of blood DNA.


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