Flocked Swabs Manufacturers-Medico Technology

Medico Technology is a Shenzhen company  which is specialize in producing sampling swabs, flocking swabs (flocking swabs or flocking sticks), throat swabs, microbial sampling sticks, DNA oral swabs, disinfection sponge swabs, CHG chlorhexidine applicator, saliva collector or saliva collecting device, cell preservation solution, and its application fields include medical DNA sampling, oral sampling, virus testing, nasopharyngeal sampling, virus and bacteria sampling, laboratory sampling, gene sampling, gynecological cervical sampling and other disposable nylon flocking Our company’s flocking technology has been certified by relevant medical institutions, and its daily output can reach hundreds of thousands of pieces. It effectively cooperates with customers’ ordering and distribution, and provides perfect after-sales service for flocking swabs and drug applicators more quickly!

oral sampling swab (sampling brush)

DNA oral flocking sampling swab, gene sampling swab and disposable sampling swab are widely used in bacteriological sample processing, virology cell culture, DFA test, rapid and direct test, enzyme immunoassay test, polymerase chain reaction and detection based on molecular diagnosis.

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