How long does the nucleic acid swab test take to report?

How long does the nucleic acid swab test take to report?

How long does the nucleic acid swab test take to report? There are rumors on the Internet that “the new crown nucleic acid test will produce results in half an hour”, “the new crown test takes only ten minutes” and “the nucleic acid test can also be done at home”…

There are different opinions, and the editor compiled the information. Welcome everyone to take a look at the process and steps that need to go through from the beginning of the detection to the completion of the results.

Nucleic acid swab testing generally produces results within 24 hours, because sampling, specimen submission, specimen testing, and verification of specimen results require a certain amount of time, so designated hospitals can get the test report within 24 hours. Nucleic acid detection is mainly through throat swab sampling. That is to say, use a soft cotton swab (a special collection tool for throat swabs) to continuously rotate the posterior pharyngeal wall and bilateral tonsils, and then put it into the test tube after obtaining obvious secretions, tighten the cap of the test tube, and then put the test tube Pack it in a sealed bag.

The pneumonia virus nucleic acid test usually produces results within 24 hours, so the designated hospitals can only get the test report within 24 hours. Nucleic acid testing is a method to determine whether a patient is infected by a virus by looking for DNA and RNA of foreign viruses in respiratory specimens, blood or feces, and is the gold standard for confirming new coronavirus infection.

Generally, the test report issued by a hospital or a testing institution will not be notified to the tested personnel until the next day, and in some places, it is uploaded on the mobile phone WeChat or APP for the tested personnel to download and read. Carrying out specimen collection: three levels of protection, biological safety, and a well-ventilated environment. All three are indispensable. Then go to the laboratory for testing: sample processing, nucleic acid extraction, PCR amplification, and issuance of reports. The “four steps” all take time.

For the detection process, after hundreds of specimens arrive in the laboratory, it takes 3-4 hours for specimen check, specimen sorting, specimen pretreatment and other links, before the actual nucleic acid extraction process starts, and PCR amplification is required after nucleic acid extraction. It also takes 80-120 minutes. After the PCR is over, the result is judged, the data is checked, and the report is issued.

So this is also the test report issued by most hospitals or testing institutions will not notify the tested personnel to take the report the next day. There are also some hospitals that are uploaded to the WeChat of the mobile phone or downloaded and viewed on the APP.

Holidays are approaching. According to the requirements of the epidemic, if you do not go out to high-risk areas outside the province, you do not need to go for nucleic acid testing. Generally, it is enough to pass the “temperature measurement + health green code”. , It is necessary to deal with them in accordance with relevant requirements before they can go out to work or do other things.

The scope of “persons who should be inspected thoroughly” includes:

① Suspicious symptoms such as fever;

② The person or family members are close contacts;

③, within 14 days, the person or his family members have the history of residence and contact with the risk level area of ​​the final draft of the epidemic (including overseas);

④. An epidemic has occurred in the community (village) where you live within 21 days.

In addition, the National Day holiday is approaching, so I remind everyone who wants to go out to play well:

①, wear a mask, travel with a green code,

②, healthy travel,

③Do a good job of travel protection,

④ Pay attention to food hygiene,

⑤ Make a record of itinerary,

⑥ Maintain awareness of protection at all times and do a good job of self-health monitoring.

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