What Kind Of Swab Should Be Used For Gene Sampling?

What kind of swab should be used for gene sampling? Gene sampling is also called cell collection, DNA, DNA analysis, disease detection, paternity test, risk assessment, crime tracking and so on. Generally, DNA should be collected with good effect, quick release, high collection rate and large amount of cells, so it is recommended to use professional gene sampling swab.

Medico gene sampling swab: 1. The paper and plastic package which is convenient for sterilization is used internationally.

2.γ -ray sterilization to ensure sterility.

3. Each set in the big packing box is packed independently, which is convenient to use.

4. Different preservation solutions were selected for different specimen types.

Characteristics of sampling swab with sampling tube (fine bacteria, virus, mycoplasma, chlamydia):

A large number of clinical experiments show that, compared with ordinary sterile cotton swab, Medico’s flocking swab has better effect on collecting and transporting clinical microbial specimens. Especially for those specimens which can not be sent for inspection in time and kept for too long.

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