Medical Chlorhexidine Disinfection Cotton Swab Manufacturer

The chlorhexidine disinfection cotton swab produced by Shenzhen Medico Technology Co., Ltd. is a preoperative skin disinfection products formulated with 2% glucose pickling chlorhexidine and 70% isopropanol, which meets the strict clinical requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration for new drug application. It kills more bacteria than traditional iodophor or alcohol, and is praised by clinicians as the most exciting breakthrough in disinfection solvent research after povidone iodine.

The CDC believes that chlorhexidine gluconate has several remarkable advantages:

1.Compared with other fungicides, it has better bactericidal effect.

2.It can quickly and continuously sterilize on the basis of not irritating the skin.

3.It still keeps bactericidal activity against protein-rich microorganisms.


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