Medical DNA saliva collecting device supplier

1.What is a DNA saliva collecting device?Saliva collection device is also called saliva collector (saliva collector, saliva collection tube, oral sampling tube). The most convenient sampling method for gene detection is saliva, followed by blood. At present, saliva samples are generally collected for detection. Compared with blood collection, saliva collection is more convenient and free, and the acceptance of users is also higher.

Saliva sample collection is a harmless and painless method to obtain DNA/RNA. This method will not cause any discomfort to the collected person, and it is easy to be accepted, so it can maximize the sampling range of genetic research. The saliva collector is mainly composed of a collecting funnel, a collecting tube and a collecting tube cover. When the preservation liquid is mixed with saliva, it can be preserved for a long time at room temperature, and the DNA/RNA of saliva sample is not damaged. This product is green and easy to carry.

2.What is the purpose of using a DNA saliva collecting device?It is used to collect and store saliva samples secreted by oral cavity at room temperature. Samples were extracted and used for clinical diagnosis in vitro.

3.What is the principle of a DNA saliva collecting device?This product collects saliva samples secreted by oral cavity, and evenly mixes the collected saliva with saliva preservation solution, thus ensuring the integrity of DNA in saliva samples and their long-term preservation at room temperature.

4.The Usageof a DNA saliva collecting device:

Before collecting samples for 30 min, rinse with water and fast after rinsing;

Step 1: Install the collecting funnel on the collecting tube, and spit saliva into the collecting funnel until the saliva reaches the filling line of the collecting tube.

Step 2: Hold the collecting tube vertically with one finger, and close the funnel lid with one hand. The cell preservation solution in the lid will be automatically released into the collecting tube and mixed with saliva.

Step 3: Hold the collecting pipe vertically and rotate it gently, and separate it from the collecting funnel.

Step 4: After screwing on the cover of the collecting tube, shake it gently for 5 seconds, and it can be used for detection or storage at normal temperature.


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