New type disposable sterile sampling swab stick

sterile sampling swab stick

Medico specializes in the production of a variety of sampling swabs, including a new disposable sterile sampling swab stick

Disposable sterile sampling swab
New type disposable sterile sampling swab stick, also called a sampling swab, is composed of a cotton swab, a plug cap, and a sleeve. One end of the sleeve is closed, a plug cap is placed at the open end of the sleeve, and a cotton swab is located inside the sleeve. The plug cap is composed of an inner plug and an outer cap. The inner plug is located in the outer cap. An annular gap is formed between the lower end of the inner plug and the outer cap. The edge of the sleeve is located in the gap of the plug cap. The lower end is wrapped with nylon fibers, and the upper end is connected with the lower part of the inner stopper.

The sterile swab sampling swab stick is clinically easy to use and requires no hand contact with the swab to improve aseptic operating conditions.

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