Face Mask


2.( Thisproductcan not becleaned and reused,makesure it is used for a limited time period. )
( Put the mask as flat as possible after use. The nasal bridge above the mask should not
be folded frequently to extend its use. )
3、(It is notrecommended to wear when the air ventilation is not good or breathing becomes
difficult or you are in the sleep.)
●storage conditions
Place in a cool,shady and dry place. Keep away from fire and combustibles.
storageperiod(3 years)
( Spread out the mask,thenpullto the face with your hands with the ridge of the
noseabove. )
(Press the ridge of the nose from the inside to the outside Withyour fingertips, and move
toboth sidesalong the shape of the ridqe of the nose. )