Normal Saline

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plasma cation, 90% of the total osmotic pressure, so the amount of plasma sodium to osmotic pressure plays a decisive role. Normal serum chlorine concentration as the tendency for 98 ~ 106 / L, sodium and chloride ions in the human body mainly through the hypothalamus, pituitary after leaves and adjusted by the kidney, to maintain the stability of the fluid volume and osmotic pressure. . [drug interaction] as a solvent or diluent, drugs should be paid attention to the compatibility between the taboo. .

【 side effect 】 1 infusion too much, too fast, can cause water sodium retention, cause oedema, increased blood pressure, heart rate, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, and even acute left heart failure. 2 too much, too fast to low permeability sodium chloride can cause hemolysis, brain edema, etc. .

【 notes 】 1 careful in the following circumstances: (1) edema disease, such as nephrotic syndrome, liver cirrhosis and ascites, congestive heart failure, acute left heart failure, cerebral edema and idiopathic edema, etc.; (2) the oliguria stage of acute renal failure, chronic renal failure with reduced urine output and poor response to diuretic; (3) high blood pressure; (4) the hypokalemia. 2, according to the need of clinical examination in serum sodium, potassium, chloride ion concentration; In the blood concentration of acid and alkali balance index, renal function and blood pressure and heart and lung function. .