Plastic Cryo Tube


The commission method:
(1) Before sampling, the sampling tube sample label related information.
(2) with sampling swab samples (or terminal).
(3) sample is completed, will quickly sampling swab into the sample tube containing cell preservation solution, to break the portion of the sample tube above (or collector to collect the samples into the sample tube containing cell preservation solution, mix
Well), tighten the tube cover

Product performance indicators:
(1) plastic low temperature pipe surface should be smooth, level off, clean, shall not be visible, dirt, discharge phenomenon
(2) each plastic tube at low temperature has a capacity of 2 ml / 5 ml / 10 ml / 15 ml
(4) oral, nasal cells samples on cell preservation solution, such as cell morphology should be complete, no obvious shrinkage and swelling.

(1) this product is only used for in vitro diagnostic
(2) ignoring swab collection cell samples, should make sampling swab head completely into sample preservation solution, so that the cells retain maximum.
(3) when the production quantity is less, if discover cells can be appropriately increase the sample size
(4) sampling sample must ensure that good fresh, fixed in time, so as to avoid cell autolysis.

Warning: this cell preservation solution used for in vitro diagnostic purposes, but to human or animal internal and external use. If swallowed can lead to severe events; To eyes and skin has certain stimulating, if accidentally splashed into the eyes with clean water
Wash. When using should keep ventilation.