Is It Really Safe To Clean The Wound With Cotton Swabs?

Is it really safe to clean the wound with cotton swabs? You should do this.

In daily life, many people buy some cotton swabs from pharmacies or supermarkets and keep them at home in case of emergency. Many people think that slight injuries can be wiped with cotton swabs, but can these cotton swabs really be used to wipe and treat wounds? What should I do if there is trauma?

The main component of medical alcohol is ethanol. In daily life, it is common for some people to scrub wounds with medical alcohol to achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection.

The reason why 75% alcohol can disinfect is that it has great penetrability and can penetrate into bacteria to coagulate bacterial proteins, thus killing bacteria. If the concentration of alcohol is too high, the protein on the surface of bacteria will solidify, resulting in the formation of a hard membrane, which can protect bacteria and prevent further infiltration of alcohol. Therefore, the disinfection effect of concentrated alcohol is not as good as that of dilute alcohol.

Medical alcohol disinfection cotton swab, this soaked medical alcohol with about 75% of ingredients, can be used for general wound disinfection.

Disinfection and sterilization of shallow skin wounds such as small skin glue damage, abrasions, cuts and burns.

Disinfection products introduced: There are chlorhexidine disinfection cotton swabs and disinfection applicators.

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