Sterile Flocked Swabs for Buccal Cell Collection

With its superior collection and elution properties, nylon flocked swabs are quickly gaining popularity for buccal cell collection. The Medico sterile nylon flocked swabs traps more specimen within its propriety micro-channels than traditional cotton swabs. Sterile and individually wrapped in transport tube. Elongated flock tip with polystyrene handle.

Sterile DNA-Free Flocked Swabs with Transport Tube for Buccal Cell Collection FS-N98000


Flocked Tip (mm) Handle Dimension (mm) Packaging
Width Thickness Length Diameter 1 Diameter 2 Molded
Length from Tip
FS-N98000 Taper to 5.0 Taper to 5.0 16 2.5 Taper to 2.0 30 154 100 Swabs / Box
50 Boxes / Case


Nylon Flocked Swabs Applications:
Buccal cell collection
Forensic evidence collection
Rapid diagnostic testing
Specimen collection
DNA collection