Saliva collector

Saliva collector Composition

Model: MHM-A

Collection tube volume: 5ml

By the collection funnel, funnel cover, collecting tube and collecting tube cap
composition. Funnel cover plastic film sealed cell preservation solution(2ml).

Used to collect human saliva samples

Saliva collector MHM-A How to use:

Saliva collector

The first step:

the collection funnel mounted on the collection tube, spit saliva to the collection funnel until the saliva reaches the collection tube filling line position.

The second step:

one finger holding the collection tube vertically, one hand forced close the funnel cover, cover the cell preservation solution will be automatically released into the collection tube and saliva mixed.

The third step:

hold the collection tube gently rotate gently, and the separation funnel collection.

Part IV:

Spin the collection tube cover, gently shaking for 5 seconds can be used for testing or room temperature preservation.


1. This product is a one-time use of the product, do not use it repeatedly.

2. Please use under the guidance of medical staff.