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Holiday Notice of National Day

Chers Partenaires, Please be informed that our office will remain closed from October 1st to 6th due to the National Day holidays.Normal business will resume on October 7th.We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause, and we are grateful for your cooperation. Any questions can contact my mail:info@medicoswab.com.  

Medico Provided Medical Supplies Assistance for Xiushui County in Jiangxi Province

On September 6, 2022, Medico provided medical supplies assistance for Xiushui County in Jiangxi Province to fight against COVID-19 pandemic. The medical supplies including specimen collection swab, disposable virus samping kit, medical isolation shoe cover and so on. These medical supplies will ensure that frontline healthcare workers are equipped and protected from potential infection and improves Xiushui’s capacity in the

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

The Mid-Autumn Day, falling on the 15th of August in the Chinese lunar calendar, is a traditional Chinese holiday for family members and loved ones to gather together. To our beloved MEDICO company of partners and staff: May the round moon bring you a happy family and a successful future! Wishing everyone a healthy and happy Mid-Autumn festival!    

MEDICO a rédigé conjointement la norme de groupe pour “écouvillon d'échantillonnage jetable” et “Tube de stockage d'échantillons” et sortie officielle

On August 22, 2022, the Guangdong Medical Device Management Society officially released the group standards forDisposable Sampling Swab” et “Tube de stockage d'échantillons (including transport medium)” jointly drafted by Shenzhen Medico Technology Co., Ltée. The release and implementation of this group standard is of great significance: it not only accelerates the landing of product standards related to epidemic prevention and control, …

Instructions pour l'utilisation des applicateurs CHG

CHG applicator is excellent at reducing skin bacteria. here are a few simple steps to use ChloraPrep applicators 1. Open the pouch and use the handle to remove the swabstick applicator. Do not touch the applicator tip. Rub the applicator on the skin with the flat side against the skin. Use a back and forth motion for 30 seconds. …

Avis de vacances des travailleurs internationaux’ Jour

Chers Partenaires, Veuillez noter que les travailleurs internationaux’ Le jour tombe le 1er mai .Notre bureau ne sera pas ouvert du 1er mai au 4 mai, et nous reprendrons le travail le 5 mai. Nous nous excusons de ne pas pouvoir vous servir pendant cette période. N'hésitez pas à laisser un message si vous avez des exigences. Wish everyone

How should nucleic acid testing sites be disinfected?

Carrying out nucleic acid testing can quickly detect virus infected persons, which is a very important strategic measure for COVID-19 prevention and control. En même temps, the safety of nucleic acid testing sites should not be neglected, and we should strengthen control and disinfection to prevent the risk of infection. Staffing and Protection Each sampling site should be equipped

Solemn Statement on the Export of Counterfeit Medico Company Products

Récemment, we have discovered that criminals illegally produce, sell and export our specimen collection swab products by counterfeiting our registered trademark and posing as our production address. The above-mentioned illegal acts of counterfeiting products have seriously affected our reputation, violated our legitimate rights and interests, and are suspected of violating the criminal law. We are not responsible for the purchase

MEDICO est spécialisé dans la production et la vente d'écouvillons nasaux et de gorge, qui peut être expédié rapidement

Shenzhen Medico Technology Co., Ltée. specializes in the production of nasal swabs, throat swabs, virus sampling tubes, virus sampling swabs, and repeated epidemics. Medico can support rapid shipments across the country and cooperate with various departments and customers. Receive the goods as soon as possible and do nucleic acid testing. Medico work hard to cooperate with customers around the world. …

La marque MEDICO est redevenue le fournisseur d'aide médicale de la Chine

Récemment, Medico brand has once again become China’s medical aid supplies. Our team has been working hard and making progress! We will continue to be firm in the direction and making greater contributions to the global medical industry! About MEDICO Shenzhen Medico Technology Co., Ltée. is a professional manufacturer of specimen collection swab, disposable virus transport medium, kit de collecte de salive, …
Bonnes nouvelles! MEDICO a reçu le certificat SFDA de l'Arabie saoudite

Bonnes nouvelles! MEDICO a reçu le certificat SFDA de l'Arabie saoudite

Good news! Récemment, Société de technologie médicale., Ltée. received Saudi’s SFDA certificate. This certificate covers the design and development, manufacturing and distribution of disposable virus sampling kit consist of specimen collection swabs, sampling tube and bio-hazard bag.This is an important milestone in the development process of Medico, which marks that Medico Limited has reached the requirements of international quality management system
Comment utiliser le kit de collecte de salive indolore MEDICO pour un test d'ADN ou d'ARN?

Comment utiliser le kit de collecte de salive indolore MEDICO pour un test d'ADN ou d'ARN?

MEDICO Saliva Collection Kit can be directly used for the collection, storage and transportation of saliva, and the free DNA/RNA (Ce Free DNA/RNA)or virus samples in it can be stabilized by the preservation solution. It can be used for molecular diagnostic testing , virus testing or other in vitro testing of saliva samples. So, how to use MEDICO Painless Saliva

    Société de technologie médicale., Ltée. est un fabricant situé dans la ville de Shenzhen, Chine, nous produisons et vendons des écouvillons floqués en nylon, milieu de transport de virus, kit de prélèvement de salive et écouvillon CHG & Applicateur.


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