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Shanghai Promotes Resumption of Business and Market in Stages

Shanghai has launched a three-phase COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control plan aimed at restoring production and life to normal by late June, Zong Ming, vice-mayor of Shanghai, said during a press briefing on Monday. The key task of the first phase, which runs from Monday to Saturday, is to continue reducing new infection numbers and preventing rebounds, and to continue

Can I eat oranges or cola before the COVID-19 antigen test?

최근에, a video circulated on the Internet: Someone cut an orange and squeezed the juice on the antigen test kit. Before long, a purple-red horizontal line appeared in theT position”. Some netizens dropped cola on the antigen detection kit, and theT positionalso changed color. As a result, some people came to the conclusion thatyou can’t eat

Why Use Flocked Swabs Instead of Ordinary Cotton Swabs for Nucleic Acid Testing?

Although the functions of ordinary cotton swabs and flocked swabs have many similarities and look similar, their uses are different. Let’s analyze why flocked swabs are used for nucleic acid sampling and antigen detection through simple experiments. instead of regular cotton swabs? First prepare two glasses of water Add blue ink dye to a cup Have flocked swabs and ordinary

Trials of COVID-19 Omicron vaccine underway

The Omicron-based vaccine candidate developed by China’s Sinopharm is expected to complete clinical trials in three to four months, senior executives of the company said recently, adding that it will shift most manufacturing capacity to the upgraded vaccine if it is developed successfully. China National Biotech Group, a subsidiary of Sinopharm, was granted permission to conduct human trials of its

Holiday Notice of International WorkersDay

Dear Partners, Please kindly note that International WorkersDay falls on May 1st .Our office will not be open from May 1th to May 4th, and we will be back to work on May 5th. We apologize for being unable to serve you during this period. Please feel free to leave a message if you have any requirements. Wish everyone

COVID-19 무증상 환자에 대해 자주 묻는 질문

As China is battling a new COVID-19 outbreak, the increased proportion of asymptomatic patients in the newly confirmed COVID-19 cases has raised questions among the public. Let’s revisit some important information about COVID-19 asymptomatic patients. Q: What is asymptomatic infection? A: Asymptomatic infection means people who display no abnormal findings on their lung CT scans and have no symptoms such as

일반적인 핵산 검출 방법의 장점과 단점은 무엇입니까??

A variety of specimens can be collected for laboratory testing at the time of diagnosis of COVID-19 cases. Upper respiratory tract samples can be collected: including nasopharyngeal swabs, throat swabs, 등.; lower respiratory tract samples can also be collected: deep cough sputum, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, bronchial lavage fluid, respiratory tract aspirates, 등.; stool samples can also be collected / Anal

타이 다이 인쇄된 안면 마스크에는 전염병 방지 기능이 있습니까??

Now there are many tie-dye printed face masks on the market, which are popular with consumers and can even sell tens of thousands of units per month. But some people question: do these face masks really have the function of epidemic prevention? In fact, the most crucial point to determine whether a face mask has the function of epidemic prevention

Covid-19 테스트를 위해 중간 비강 면봉 표본을 수집하는 방법

Covid-19 테스트를 위해 중간 비강 면봉 표본을 수집하는 방법 1. Covid-19 테스트를 위해 중간 비강 면봉 표본을 수집하는 방법 70 Covid-19 테스트를 위해 중간 비강 면봉 표본을 수집하는 방법. 2. Covid-19 테스트를 위해 중간 비강 면봉 표본을 수집하는 방법, Covid-19 테스트를 위해 중간 비강 면봉 표본을 수집하는 방법. 3. Covid-19 테스트를 위해 중간 비강 면봉 표본을 수집하는 방법, Covid-19 테스트를 위해 중간 비강 면봉 표본을 수집하는 방법. 4. Covid-19 테스트를 위해 중간 비강 면봉 표본을 수집하는 방법 3-5 times against the nasal wall and repeat in the other nostril

Why can’t people with COVID-19 be quarantined at home?

  최근에, some experts said that asymptomatic patients with COVID-19 do not need hospitalization, but they need to be quarantined. In fact, the reason is very simple, because home isolation can easily lead to the widespread spread of the virus, which is not conducive to epidemic prevention and control. Liang Wannian, an expert on the COVID-19 epidemic from the Chinese

The Most Common Methods of Medical Sampling Swab Sterilization

Sterilization is an incredibly important part of any medical process. Here at Medico, all of our sterile products undergo either ethylene oxide gas sterilization or gamma irradiation sterilization before they are sent to our customers, which ensures the swabs are free from human DNA, enzymes that degrade DNA and RNA, and polymerase chain reaction inhibitors. How are Medical Sampling Swabs

Are there any health risks to the sampling swabs used for nucleic acid testing?

When a new round of nucleic acid screening was being carried out in Shanghai, a rumor spread widely on social media to the effect thatthe cotton swabs used for sampling have reagents on them and are poisonous”. Some netizens left a message on the “상하이, 루머 플랫폼 반박” 상하이, 루머 플랫폼 반박 …

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