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20-in-1 mixed virus sampling kit
  • 20-in-1 mixed virus sampling kit
  • 20in1(800)
  • 20in1-1(800)
  • flocked-swab
  • 20-in-1 mixed virus sampling kit

    Model: MVTM-15A (non-inactivated)

    Volume: 15ml

    Construction : It is composed of the tube with 9ml solution, sampling swab, biosafety bags

    Storage conditions & shelf life: Room Temperature,valid for 24 months.

    Expected Use: For sampling collection,transportation and storage

    • Description

    The 20-in-1 mixed virus sampling kit is mainly used for large-scale screening, especially for COVID-19 asymptomatic carriers. It is often used in large-scale testing projects such as schools, factories, and unit cities.


    • efficient screening and resource saving.
    • The sampling tube of the 20-in-1 mixed virus sampling kit is made of medical grade PP material. The unique structural design and manufacturing process of the tube cover avoid the problem of liquid leakage and high pressure resistance and high speed eccentricity resistance.
    • The 15ml sampling tube is pre-installed with 9ml sample preservation solution (VTM), which is used for the detection of mixed samples of 20 people.
    • The head of the virus sampling swab is made of the best flocking material, and after a unique process, so that the sample collection rate is high. , The release rate is also high.
    At the same time, the breaking point of the swab rod has the characteristics of easy operation, easy breaking, and no debris during use, which greatly improves the sampling success rate and detection rate.
    • Bio-safety bag: The bio-safety belt is used for the preservation and transportation of specimens after collection to prevent accidental leakage and enhance the safety of contacts.
    •The 20-in-1 mixed virus sampling kit contains: a 15ml virus sampling tube containing 9ml of liquid, 20 individually packaged swabs, and a biosafety bag.

    Tips: The virus preservation solutions developed and produced by Shenzhen Medico are divided into inactivated(colorless) and non-inactivated(red) types. Different preservation solutions can be selected according to different experimental requirements and testing conditions. If you have any questions or needs, please call to inquire.

    Instructions for use:
    1. Uncover the paper-plastic packaging bag of the swab.
    2. Take the swab to the target site for sampling.
    3. Immerse the head of the sampling swab in the virus preservation solution.
    4. Break the swab stem through the breaking point.
    5. Repeat 1~4 steps for the remaining 19 sampling times, until the 20 swab samples are collected in the sampling tube, tighten the cap of the tube and shake it lightly several times to complete the sampling.
    6. Put the sampling tube in the biosafety bag immediately, seal it and transfer it for inspection.


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