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What Are the Advantages of 10-in-1 Mixed Sampling Testing


10 in 1 mixed sampling testing means that after 10 people sampled separately, the samples are put into the same virus sampling tube. This mixed sampling testing mode is suitable for large-scale testing projects and has the advantages of efficient screening and resource saving.

So where are its advantages?

A virus sampling tube only puts a sample of one person, which will cause high testing costs and long testing time, which is not suitable for large-scale nucleic acid testing. Generally speaking, this is only used in high-risk areas and key populations.

When using the 10-in-1 mixed sampling test, the result is negative, which means that all 10 people are negative. On the contrary, once a positive or weak positive is found, it will be traced immediately, and a single-tube swab will be collected again for review, and then it will be determined which of the 10 people is positive.

Produkteinführung des Abstrichkits für Probenahmeröhrchen für inaktivierte Viren Der Zweck des Abstrichkits für Probenahmeröhrchen für inaktivierte Viren besteht darin, die Nukleinsäureproben des inaktivierten Virus zu konservieren und zu übertragen, the cost of 10 in 1 mixed mining is relatively low. This also caused the 10-in-1 mixed sampling mode to be 10 times faster than the previous single-player sampling mode.

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