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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Different Specimen Types for Nucleic Acid Testing

In nucleic acid testing, what are the main types of specimens collected, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? A variety of specimens can be collected for laboratory testing at the time of diagnosis of COVID-19 cases. Upper respiratory tract samples can be collected: including nasopharyngeal swabs, oropharyngeal swabs, etc.; lower respiratory tract samples can also be collected: …

Why Use Flocked Swabs Instead of Ordinary Cotton Swabs for Nucleic Acid Testing?

Although the functions of ordinary cotton swabs and flocked swabs have many similarities and look similar, their uses are different. Let’s analyze why flocked swabs are used for nucleic acid sampling and antigen detection through simple experiments. instead of regular cotton swabs? First prepare two glasses of water Add blue ink dye to a cup Have flocked swabs and ordinary

Einweg-Virenproben-Kit MVTM-10A mit inaktiviertem Typ?

When a new round of nucleic acid screening was being carried out in Shanghai, a rumor spread widely on social media to the effect thatthe cotton swabs used for sampling have reagents on them and are poisonous”. Some netizens left a message on theShanghai Refutes Rumors Platformsaying that the elderly at home did not want to participate

Why Use Flocked Sampling Swabs for COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Testing?

COVID-19 is a variant of the coronavirus that can cause pneumonia in humans. It is an acute respiratory infectious disease, highly contagious, and most people are susceptible. It is easily replicated in the upper respiratory tract of humans. Under normal circumstances, the new crown nucleic acid can be quickly detected within 96 hours after infection. Testers can find the virus

What Should I Pay Attention to when Doing Nucleic Acid Testing?

1. To avoid vomiting, do not eat 2 hours before sampling 2. To avoid affecting the test results, 30 minutes before sampling, do not smoke, drink or chew gum 3. On the way to the nucleic acid test, wear a medical mask and try not to take public transportation 4. Keep a safe distance of more than 1 meter in

Produkteinführung des Abstrichkits für Probenahmeröhrchen für inaktivierte Viren Der Zweck des Abstrichkits für Probenahmeröhrchen für inaktivierte Viren besteht darin, die Nukleinsäureproben des inaktivierten Virus zu konservieren und zu übertragen?

Carrying out nucleic acid testing can quickly detect virus infected persons, which is a very important strategic measure for COVID-19 prevention and control. Zur selben Zeit, the safety of nucleic acid testing sites should not be neglected, and we should strengthen control and disinfection to prevent the risk of infection. Staffing and Protection Each sampling site should be equipped

Sterile, mit Nylon beflockte Einweg-Tupfer für COVID-19-Tests

Sterile, mit Nylon beflockte Einwegtupfer sind die am häufigsten verwendeten Nachweiswerkzeuge für Nukleinsäuretests. Sie sind es gewohnt, bei Covid-19-Tests Mundschleimhautzellen zu sammeln, orale Mikroorganismen, Oberflächenmikroorganismen, Oberflächenbakterien, Virusprobenahme und -transport, und DNS , RNA-Sammlung, Probenahme im Rachen, zervikale Probenahme, nasopharyngeale Probenahme. Sterile, mit Nylon beflockte Einweg-Tupfer können weiter in Nasen-Rachen-Tupfer unterteilt werden, Mundabstriche, Gynäkologische Abstriche, DNA …

What Are the Advantages of 10-in-1 Mixed Sampling Testing

10 in 1 mixed sampling testing means that after 10 people sampled separately, the samples are put into the same virus sampling tube. This mixed sampling testing mode is suitable for large-scale testing projects and has the advantages of efficient screening and resource saving. So where are its advantages? A virus sampling tube only puts a sample of one person, …

What diseases can be checked with throat swabs?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many people have done throat swabs when doing nucleic acid tests, so they have some understanding of throat swabs. So, in addition to nucleic acid testing, what other diseases can throat swabs check? What is a throat swab test? Pharyngeal swab examination is a frequently used examination method in respiratory medicine. When the throat of

China Lowers the Price of Covid-19 Nucleic Acid Testing

A staff member deals with nucleic acid testing samples in a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) lab in Xianyou county, East China’s Fujian province, Sept 14, 2021. [Photo/Xinhua] In order to control the expenditure on COVID-19 nucleic acid testing and screening at an affordable level, and strive to maintain a balance between epidemic prevention and control, economic development, and social life, …

Who Are Not Suitable for Nucleic Acid Testing?

For some people who are in high-risk areas and who may be infected with the COVID-19, it is very important to do a nucleic acid testing. but it is not suitable to do the testing if there are the following conditions:   1. 30 minutes before taking samples, it is not advisable to do nucleic acid testing for people who

So wählen Sie eine korrekte Viruskonservierungslösung für COVID-19-Nukleinsäuretests aus

Derzeit, die Form der Prävention und Kontrolle des neuen Coronavirus ist immer noch sehr streng. Als erster Schritt des Nukleinsäurenachweises, die Bedeutung der Probensammlung und -konservierung ist unbestritten. Die Inspektionsbranche sagt oft “Müll in, Müll raus” ist wichtig. Der erste Einflussfaktor ist die Probenahme. Wenn es ein Problem mit der Probensammlung gibt, …


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