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MSS-707S CHG Disinfectant Swab with Small Rectangular Head
  • MSS-707S CHG Disinfectant Swab with Small Rectangular Head
  • MSS-707S CHG Disinfectant Swab with Rectangular Head
  • MSS-708 CHG Disinfectant swab with Circular head
  • MSS-707S CHG Disinfectant Swab with Small Rectangular Head

    • Description

    MSS-707S CHG Disinfectant Swab with Small Rectangular Head

    Solution content: 2% CHG and 70% IPA, all is pure solution 3 ml (according to customer’s requirement)
    Product model: SS – c7i FS708-2
    Product packaging: 50 bags/box of independent packing (1 / bag)

    With 2% glucose acid will taihe 70% isopropyl alcohol as a formula of preoperative skin disinfection products, meet the food and drug administration strictly clinical requirements for new drug applications, it is the traditional iodine volts or more alcohol to kill bacteria, known by clinicians as following povidone iodine most ~ exciting research breakthrough disinfection solvent.

    The centers for disease control that glucose acid will ty has several significant advantages:
    , compared with other fungicides has better sterilization effect
    , on the basis of do not stimulate the skin quickly and continuously sterilization
    • to protein remains bactericidal activity of microorganisms

    Product Features:
    Glucose acid will ty is fast, broad, persistent bactericidal effect, greatly reducing the number of microorganisms on skin.
    Configure the experience formula of the applicator can effectively reduce blood stream infection and the incidence of surgical site infection.
    Glucose acid will ty has continued antibacterial function, it can destroy bacteria cell membrane, make its isolate settleable materials, at the same time, isopropyl alcohol most of the microbial cell protein, can quickly destroy the degeneration, antibacterial effect at least up to 48 hours. (MRSA, VRE, CRE is famous three resistance bacteria).

    Product Application

    – Pre-injection & Preoperative Procedure
    – Peripheral IV insertions and restarts
    – Dialysis procedures
    – Routine venipunctures
    – Percutaneous device insertions
    – Simple biopsies
    – Vascular Access Insertion & Maintenance
    – Routine catheter maintenance
    – Arterial blood gas collections
    – Surgical site cleansing after suturing
    – Arterial venous fistulas (AVF)/arterial venous graphs (AVG)

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