CHG Disinfection Swabs And Applicator

CHG Disinfection Swabs are with formulation of 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) and 70% lsopropyl Alcohol(IPA) to meet the strict clinical requirements issued by FDA,thus it would kill more bactena than traditional iodophor swabs and alcohol swabs.They have been widely used for CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention),INS(Infusion Nurses Society),SHEA(Society for Healthcare epidemiology of America)and IDSA (Infectious Diseases society of America).

It is suitable for skin disinfection pretreatment of the following patients:

1.Pre-injection&Preoperative Procedure

2.Peripheral IV insertions and restarts

3.Dialysis prcedures

4.Routine venipunctures

5.Percutaneous device insertions

6.Simple biopsies

7.Vascular Access Insertion&Maintenance

8.Routine catheter maintenance

9.Arterial blood gas collections

10.Surgical site cleansing after suturing

11.Arterial venous fistulas(AVF)/arterial venous graphs(AVG)

chg prep swab applicators

chg prep swab applicators

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