Disposable Nylon Flocking Sampling Swab Chinese Maker

Since the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia,the global demand for medical test items is rising exponentially and the disposable nylon flocking sampling swab is in need,too.Different from other manufacturer,Shenzhen Medico Technology Co.,Ltd specializing in the production of disposable nylon flocking sampling swab,which is a leading enterprise in this field.

Nylon flocking sampling swab is widely used, which is ideal for bacteriological sample processing, gene sampling, virology cell culture, DFA test, rapid and direct test, enzyme immunoassay test, polymerase chain reaction and molecular diagnosis-based test, and forensic identification. It can also be used for throat sampling of respiratory viruses such as influenza, swine flu, avian influenza, hand, foot and mouth, etc.Our company’s flocking technology has been certified by relevant medical institutions, and its daily output can reach hundreds of thousands of pieces. It effectively cooperates with customers’ ordering and distribution, and provides perfect after-sales service for flocking swabs and drug applicators more quickly!



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