» Company News » The WHO says it is unrealistic to end the epidemic before the end of the year!

The WHO says it is unrealistic to end the epidemic before the end of the year!


The WHO says it is unrealistic to end the epidemic before the end of the year!
2021 03/02

On March 1, local time, the WHO held a routine press conference for new coronary pneumonia. The WHO said it was unrealistic to end the epidemic before the end of the year!

Michael Ryan, head of WHO’s health emergency project, said that the idea of ​​ending the epidemic before the end of the year is unrealistic. It is still too early, and the smart approach is to reduce the number of hospitalized cases as much as possible, which is also a tragedy caused by the new coronary pneumonia pandemic. The current focus of WHO is to control the spread of the virus as much as possible to avoid the virus from mutating and to reduce the number of cases requiring medical attention. If the new crown vaccine can not only affect the number of hospitalizations and deaths, but also significantly reduce the risk of transmission, then it can speed up the control of the epidemic. The current situation is much better than it was 12 weeks ago.

Tan Desai emphasized that this is not to ask countries to put their people at risk, but to call on all countries to work together on a global scale to contain the new crown virus. Tan Desai also pointed out that even if the new crown vaccine continues to be launched, all governments and individuals should be urged to rely on vaccines alone to ensure safety.

The epidemic situation in Kuwait has rebounded significantly after entering 2021. The number of new cases in a single day continues to remain high. For this reason, various government departments have issued a series of strict epidemic prevention and control measures to suspend entry of foreigners and close land and sea ports. At the same time, the offline office attendance rate of government and private sector employees and the attendance rate of public transportation are restricted.

Tan Desai said that last week, the number of new coronavirus patients reported globally rose again after six consecutive weeks of decline. The WHO Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Eastern Mediterranean Region all saw an increase in cases.

According to the US “Washington Post” statistics, as of March 1, 2021, the overall growth rate of newly confirmed cases in the past week in many regions of the world rebounded from the previous week. Among them, Central Asia and South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa have the largest growth rates, with 25% and 15% respectively.

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