» Company News » Ministry of Health of Israel: Virus sampling kit test for new coronavirus: 15,000 times a day

Ministry of Health of Israel: Virus sampling kit test for new coronavirus: 15,000 times a day


Ministry of Health of Israel: Virus sampling kit for new coronavirus test: 15,000 times a day

Xinhua News Agency, Jerusalem, April 28 (Reporter Shang Hao and Chen Wenxian) The Israeli Ministry of Health said on the 28th that the country’s daily detection capacity for the new crown virus has reached 15,000 and will be increased to 20,000 in the near future.

The Ministry of Health of Israel stated that with the recent decrease in newly confirmed cases and the number of people actively seeking testing, the Ministry of Health will start a random testing program in areas with a high risk of new coronavirus infection in the next step.

According to the new crown epidemic data released by the Israeli Ministry of Health on the evening of the 28th, the country has 173 new confirmed cases and a total of 15,728 confirmed cases, including 116 severe cases; 6 new deaths and a total of 210 deaths; 546 new cured cases , 7746 cases were cured.

Israel is gradually easing restrictions on the epidemic. The Ministry of Education announced on the 28th that kindergartens and elementary schools will gradually start and resume classes on the premise that relevant conditions are met. Kindergarten and elementary school students from first to third grades will return to campus from May 3, and the fourth grade and above of elementary school , Higher education students will continue to study distance.

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