Seller Of Nucleic Acid Test Swab

Product features:

1. it is made of non-inhibiting DNA amplification material, which can be directly amplified by PCR, and the extraction step is omitted.

2. Adopt single independent packaging to avoid pollution.

3. Strict technological conditions, free of dnase and amplifiable human DNA.

4. The tube body is transparent, and the inspection of materials is visible.

5. The unique patented sleeve design ensures the air circulation in the sleeve, prevents the inspection materials from mildewing due to the damp and sealed environment, and avoids magazine pollution in the external air, thus affecting the inspection quality.

Advantages of products:

1. It is specially designed for DNA microanalysis at crime scene, especially for sweat, semen, blood, dandruff, oral cells and other microanalysis materials.

2. It can adsorb trace samples quickly and has high efficiency when releasing.

3. The front end is sharp, which is suitable for extracting cells from fingernails of victims or suspects at crime scenes.

4. The back end of the swab can be broken, which is beneficial to the automatic extraction workstation for sample extraction.

5. The whole swab is packed in transparent plastic pipe to avoid biological pollution.

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