Nasopharyngeal swab manufacturer with break point

new coronary pneumonia nasal swabs tested exceeds 100 million

Shenzhen Medico Nasopharyngeal swab manufacturer with break point

Operating instructions for disposable nasopharyngeal swab with break point
Step 1: Hold the handle and gently insert the sampling swab into the mouth or nasal cavity.
Step 2: Gently rotate the sampling swab 3-5 times, and then take it out slowly.
Step 3: Put the extracted sample into the sample collection tube, break the handle, and then seal it to complete the sampling. ?
What is the nasopharyngeal swab with breakpoint used for?

It is used to transport nasopharyngeal swab specimens or tissue specimens of specific parts from the sampling site to the testing laboratory for PCR extraction and testing.

Medico nasal swab

Medico nasal swab

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