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Anal Swab Sampling Guide


Anal swab generally refers to the anal swab inspection method, which is an auxiliary inspection method used to check for parasites or other pathogens. So what are the sampling guide for anal swabs?

1. The patient is placed in the knee-chest or lateral decubitus position.
2. Gently insert a sterile cotton swab into the anus for 3cm-5cm, then gently rotate to pull out.
3. Immediately put it into a 15ml outer screw cap sampling tube with 3ml-5ml of virus preservation solution.
4. Fold off the end of the cotton swab, tighten the sealing cover, and then send it for inspection in time.

Tips: In order to avoid the embarrassment of the subject, anal swab sampling is generally carried out in a more private place, and the operation requirements for anal swab sampling are more stringent. Under normal circumstances, there will be no obvious discomfort after anal swab sampling. .

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