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The United States Added More Than 1 Million New Cases of COVID-19 Yesterday


The United States added more than 1 million new cases of COVID-19 yesterday

According to Bloomberg News, on January 3, the United States reported more than 1 million new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in a single day. This number created a new global record for single-day COVID-19 in a single country.and the new cases of COVID-19 on January 3 were almost twice as many as the new record set in the United States just four days ago (590,000 cases). The latest statistics released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States show that as of 14:00 on the 4th, Beijing time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States exceeded 56 million, and the cumulative number of deaths exceeded 820,000. The report pointed out that at present, many Americans rely on their own home-based COVID-19 tests, and these test results are usually not reported to official government agencies. According to reports, this means that the currently announced confirmed cases of COVID-19 may beseverely underestimated.

It is reported that the surge of confirmed cases in the United States may cause the government to consider adjusting epidemic prevention measures. In addition, some companies are encouraging employees to return to work from home.

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