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Disposable Flocked Gynecological Swab MFS-95000GJD
  • Disposable Flocked Gynecological Swab MFS-95000GJD
  • MFS-95000GJD(1)
  • MFS-95000GJD
  • MFS-95000GJD(1)
  • Disposable Flocked Gynecological Swab MFS-95000GJD

    Model Number :MFS-95000GJD

    Material:Flocked Head+ABS Handle

    size:Total lenght: 230mm,  Head Width:9mm, Break Point:80mm

    Application:The product is suitable for collecting Gynecological HPV specimens from the vagina, genitourinary tract, etc.

    • Description

    Gynecological Swab MFS-95000GJD a Flocked Sampling Swab used for cell & virus specimen collection, and it has been designed for HPV&TCT testing and gynecological clinical diagnostics. It utilizes state of the art “spray on technology” that the flocking process by means of an electro-static charge perpendicularly attaches millions of nylon microfibers on the medical grade handle tip.

    The flocked swab is ideal for collecting large amount of cells and rapid elution of the specimens that instantly releases the cells into the transport medium.



    • Thin, soft, and high density brush head, No damage to vaginal mucosa, Collect sufficient sample cells.

    • Ergonomic and anatomic design, perpendicular nylon fiber acts like a soft brush thus improves patient comfort and efficiency in cell specimen collection.

    • Quick sample uptake and elution of more than 90% of the samples.

    • 60% High Recovery Rate of Miro-organisims.

    • Well matched cell tissue  shape, Collecting cells comprehensively.

    • Production in sterile workshop, delivery after strictly inspection.

    • Individually sterile packaged for single use only for preventing medical cross infection.

    • Medical-grade PP handle-Comfortable grip and non slip.

    • Various specifications for widely use.



    1. If necessary, use a swab to wipe off the excessive secretions of the cervix, and then insert the disposable sampling swab into the cervix, and gently rotate the swab clockwise 3~5 times

    2. Slowly pull out the disposable sampling swab, put it into the sampling tube containing the cell preservation solution, break off the tail of the excess swab at the mouth of the tube, and leave the swab head in the sampling tube.

    3. Tighten, fully immerse the tip of the flocking in the vial, and tighten the cap tightly, record the patient’s name and ID number on the label and paste it on the vial, put the vial in the specimen bag and transport it to laboratory.

    Note: Too many rotations will cause dilution or loss of the sample.

    After sampling, make sure that the disposable sampling swab does not touch any other objects.

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