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Disposable Sterile Foam Nasal Swab for Antigen Test
  • Disposable Sterile Foam Nasal Swab for Antigen Test
  • MFS-94000KQ-1
  • MFS-94000KQ-2
  • MFS-94000KQ-3
  • Disposable Sterile Foam Nasal Swab for Antigen Test

    Model Number :MFS-94000KQ
    Material: Foam Head+ PP Handle
    Overall Length: 98±10mm
    Tip Diameter: 3.5±1mm
    Packing: Individual Sterile Package, 100 pcs/zip pouch, 4000pcs /carton box
    Application: The product is suitable for collecting nasal and intranasal infection virus and antigen rapid test of any age group

    • Description

    Disposable foam nasal swab MFS-94000KQ is used for biological specimen collection and elution. It is alway used with specimen stroge tube or rapid test kit.

    Special  polyurethane  foam,  medical  grade,  swab  tip  that allows  a  better  clinical  sample  collection  and  the  following immediate release into the liquid transport medium. The soft foam bud is more comfortable for patients, and has significant advantages  for  both  conventional  and  molecular  methods.


    Product Parameter


    How to Do a Nasal Rapid Antigen Test: 
    1. Wash your hands.
    2. Open packaging.
    3. Swab both nostrils 4 times.
    4. Put swab in solution tube.Swirl 10 seconds.Remove swab.
    5. Put cap on tube.
    6. Put 4 drops on test.
    7. Wait 15 to 30 minutes.
    8. Read result (see below).

    Packaging Information

    Individual Sterile Package
    100 pcs/zip pouch
    4000pcs /carton box

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