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CDC Experts: The Existing COVID-19 Vaccine Still Effective Against Omicron Virus

The new coronavirus reproduces a new mutant strainOmicron”. As of November 28, South Africa, Israel, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom, Austria, and Hong Kong, Китай, have monitored the input of this mutant strain. The input of this mutant strain has not been found in other provinces and cities in our country. Many countries have upgraded their anti-epidemic measures to

Everything You Need to Know About Omicron Variant

The World Health Organization on last Friday assigned the Greek letter omicron to a newly identified Covid variant in South Africa. The following is the answer about Omicron Variant. What is it called? The variant was initially referred to as B.1.1.529, but on Friday was designated as a variant of concern (VOC) by the World Health Organization because of its “concerning” mutations

How to Protect Yourself From the COVID Delta Variant

  Delta Variant Symptoms Are Similar The Delta strain does have similar symptoms to the original COVID strain but there are some important differences. So far, loss of taste and smell are not known as common signs of the Delta variant. The common symptoms associated with Delta are: • Sore throat • Runny nose • Fever • Headaches While fever

Precautions for nasopharyngeal swab sampling

Precautions for nasopharyngeal swab sampling

Nasopharyngeal swabs are mainly used for nasal and throat sampling of respiratory and intestinal viruses such as influenza, swine flu, avian influenza, hand, foot and mouth, и т.д. When using nasopharyngeal sampling swabs, attention should be paid to the following precautions, otherwise it will not only affect the accuracy of sampling, but also cause serious injury to the taker. Preparation before

How to Choose a Correct Virus Preservation Solution for COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Testing

At present, the form of prevention and control of the new coronavirus is still very severe. As the first step of nucleic acid detection, the importance of sample collection and preservation is undoubted. The inspection industry often saysgarbage in, garbage outis important. The first influencing factor is sample collection. If there is a problem with the sample collection, …

Winter vacation for many colleges across China to start earlier amid latest campus COVID-19 flare-ups

Medical workers conduct the third round of full-scale nucleic acid testing on November 14, 2021 in a university in Dalian, Northeast China’s Liaoning Province. Photo: CFP Winter vacation for many colleges in multiple provinces across China this year will start earlier than usual amid recent domestic COVID-19 flare-ups as the new round of resurgences presents characteristics of infection clusters

Strategy of containing virus proves effective

Strategy of containing virus proves effective

A medical worker takes a swab sample from a citizen for nucleic acid test at a testing site in Xining, Northwest China’s Qinghai province, on Nov 8, 2021. [Photo/Xinhua] China will stick to its process of clearing any COVID-19 infections whenever an outbreak occurs, National Health Commission spokesman Mi Feng said over the weekend. It will continue to follow the

What are the procedures from throat swab collection to nucleic acid test report?

From a throat swab collection to the nucleic acid test report on the phone, what has gone through in between? Давайте зайдем в лабораторию тестирования нуклеиновых кислот на COVID-19 медицинского лабораторного отделения Первой народной больницы Бэйана., и следите за медицинским персоналом, чтобы раскрыть весь процесс тестирования нуклеиновых кислот. Прежде всего, the sampling personnel

What Are the Benefits of Choosing an Oropharyngeal Swab for DNA Testing

The standard method of sample collection for many of our DNA tests is through an oropharyngeal swab. This is the standard method of sample collection in the industry as collecting DNA is quick, painless and easy. Here are 5 benefits to choose an oropharyngeal swab for DNA testing: 1. Convenient and simple Using a swab is so easy that anybody

MEDICO специализируется на производстве и продаже мазков из носа и зева., который может быть отправлен быстро

Шэньчжэньская компания Medico Technology Co., ООО. specializes in the production of nasal swabs, мазки из горла, virus sampling tubes, virus sampling swabs, and repeated epidemics. Medico can support rapid shipments across the country and cooperate with various departments and customers. Receive the goods as soon as possible and do nucleic acid testing. Medico work hard to cooperate with customers around the world. …

Shanghai Disney finds no cases so far after testing

Shanghai Disney Resort. [Photo/IC] Over 33,000 people tested negative for COVID-19 at the Shanghai Disney Resort, after the entertainment complex conducted massive on-site nucleic acid tests on Sunday night and announced temporary closures to cooperate with an epidemic probe linked to other provinces. As of 8 am on Monday, all the 33,863 people tested at the facility reported negative results, …

Chinese vaccines help global COVID-19 fight

China has provided over 1.5 billion doses of its COVID-19 vaccines to 106 countries and four international organizations this year, playing a significant role in reining in the virus and advancing global collaboration, said Luo Zhaohui, chairman of the China International Development Cooperation Agency. The country has also delivered large amounts of antivirus materials, such as protective clothing, masks and

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