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How Does the Monkeypox Virus Spread?


The monkeypox virus spreads through close contact with an infected animal or person. Or it can spread when a person handles materials such as blankets that have been in contact with someone who has monkeypox.

The monkeypox virus spreads from person to person through:

• Direct contact with rashes, scabs or body fluids of a person with monkeypox.
• Extended close contact (more than four hours) with respiratory droplets from an infected person. This includes sexual contact.
• Clothes, sheets, blankets or other materials that have been in contact with rashes or body fluids of an infected person.
• An infected pregnant person can spread the monkeypox virus to a fetus.

Monkeypox spreads from an animal to a person through:

• Animal bites or scratches
• Wild game that is cooked for food
• Products made of infected animals
• Direct contact with body fluids or rashes of animals with monkeypox

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