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Procedure for Sample Collection for HPV Testing


Vaginal self-sampling with HPV-DNA tests is a promising primary screening method for cervical cancer. The following describes the steps for taking a sample for HPV testing:


1. Explain HPV testing to the woman and the meaning of results. Make sure that the woman has understood
the explanation.

2. Perform a gynecological examination.

Sample collection

3. Obtain a sample from the cervix with the brush or swab, following the instructions corresponding to the
type of collecting device.

4. Place the brush or swab in the collection tube with the preservative solution.

5. Close and gently remove the speculum.

6. Place used instruments in a decontamination solution.

7. Label the collection tube with the woman’s first and last names, personal identification number, and the

After obtaining the sample

8. In the patient’s chart, write that the HPV test sample was taken, and any observations during the
gynecological exam.

9. Instruct the woman about when to return to receive her test results.

Storage and transport of HPV test samples

This is an example of the procedures for storage and transportation of HPV test samples, but always refer to, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific product used.

Storing and transportation of collection tubes:

• Store collection tubes at room temperature (15-30 °C).
• Transport to the laboratory does not require refrigeration.
• The tubes can be preserved for 2-3 weeks at room temperature.
• In the laboratory, samples can be preserved for up to one additional week at 4 °C and up to 3 months at
-20 °C.
• Do not use the test after the indicated expiration date.

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